Traditional Homemade Pasta Sauces & Meals, Just Like Nonna Used to Make

Traditional Italian Home Cooked Meals 

Traditional recipes, passed down through generations and brought to you by our very own Bec. With lots of old favourites and some you've probably never tried before, Sauciety is here to satisfy everyone's biggest carb craving. 

Italian food is not for the calorie conscious and all our sauces are rich, fresh and may even ruin you from being able to eat sauce from anywhere else again. 

Ranging from Sauces and meals to feed a family, to meal boxes with a perfectly paired wine, these delicious flavours will transport you to the heart of Italy and will have you feeling like you have your very own Sauciety Nonna making you a home cooked meal. 

Bec Dreyer

Sauciety & Me


Starting officially out of necessity to Covid proof my business, Sauciety had always been a distant dream of mine to be able to share my family's delicious traditional recipes with Melbourne. Growing up I was always in the kitchen with my Nonna, never a day went by where she would settle for takeaway. It was always something home cooked and out of this world, full of flavour. When I say 'family recipes' I use that term loosely, everything we cook is cooked with feel. There are no exact measurements and no specific time frames. We learn by watching, helping and taste testing until it is 100% right. 

Passing on the ability to create our family's meals is something that we hold so dear and I am now at the point where my own children are learning to cook from me. 

I am so proud of my heritage and what I have been taught. I cook with passion and I love the fact that other families will be enjoying these meals that are so dear to us and have been passed down from generation to generation to land on your dinner table. 

Our Origins

Traditional recipes from Bologna to Manfredonia 

Traditionally, in Italian culture, when you marry, women learn to cook from their mother-in-law.  Therefore cooking style with come from the region of the husband/ Father/ Grandfather. In our situation, Bec is the daughter of a daughter (who both married non Italians) that learnt to cook from a loving and caring Mamma/ Nonna who was taught by her mother in law, just as her Auntie did when she married her Uncle. 

Nonna was born and raised in a little seaside town called Manfredonia and Nonno was born in Bologna. Yes, that's right Bologna, the birthplace of Bolognese sauce. The version of bolognese that we make is the most authentic you will find this side of the mediterranean. Our Bolognese is also used in our famous Lasagna. 

Image by Julien Chatelain
Pasta and Wine

"The Polpette and Peperoni sauces are absolute perfection, filled with incredible flavour and made with love. The quality of food and service is impeccable and triumphs any restaurant experience. Bec catered to my dietary requirements and adjusted the Polpette sauce to be suited to a Vegan diet, without sacrificing an ounce of quality. Highly recommend, you're missing out if you haven't ordered already!"

-Kalani S-F, Mornington Peninsula 

Bringing our family's traditions
directly to your dinner table

Offering free local delivery around Frankston and 2kms from our little Kitchen and within 35kms Delivery is $7-$15. 

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Can't get enough of Sauciety's Sauces & Meals? Choose one of our monthly delivery packages and get a range of sauces/ meals every month that have been freshly made and snap frozen (if requested) so your meals are ready on hand when you need. 

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